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Tabibtrip, By providing the most complete medical services to passengers, as well as the best hospitals, clinics, specialists and known doctors, will always serve dear customers.

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As a solution for utilizing large-scale health-related information, we propose a novel approach to identify hospital service quality ..

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We will be with you at all stages of treatment and rest

We are with you in all stages of treatment and travel The tabibtrip system is actually an advanced automatic network, which will be with you from the moment you enter until the end of your treatment. Artificial intelligence and excellent monitoring for doctors and nurses looking for you in every step of your journey. You will be welcomed on arrival at the airport and the interpreter will be with you until you leave the country. We have provided you with healthcare services in Germany, Turkey and Iran. You can Select the country of interest when registering. Our country was registered in the Sultanate of Oman under the number.... in Iran licensed by the Iranian Ministry of Health. and all hospitals in the service area have vip department. You can also experience special tourism services like hotels, tickets, and special tours with us. We wish you health and well-being.

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We will be with you at all stages of treatment and rest