Laboratory Services Department

Laboratory Services Department


We are proud to announce that we provide wide and specialized range of clinical lab tests for your satisfaction.

  • Biochemistry General Tests: Include all Lipid panel tests, Liver function tests, Renal function tests, Metabolic panel tests, Heart panel, Diabetic panel.
  • Hormone panel tests include Woman hormone and all androgen tests

Endocrine test, thyroid panel tests, adrenal panel tests, pituitary gland panel tests

  • Hematology general and specific test
  • Serology specific tests
  • Infectious disease tests (viral, bacterial and fungal)
  • Cancer panel tests
  • Auto-Immunity disease specific tests
  • Immunology tests
  • Pregnancy related tests (prenatal screening)
  • Reproduction panel tests (Infertility tests for couples)
  • Microbiology and parasitology panel
  • Vitamin panel tests
  • Toxicology panel
  • Genetics general and specific tests
  • Molecular diagnostics panel tests