Department of Cosmetic Surgery

Department of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery 
the cosmetic operation known as plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that used to correct or repair any defect or malformation of appearance human body.

plastic surgery includes ;
reparation surgeries , hand surgery,thiny surgeries and burned skin restoration.
the term plastic (Greek = Plastikos) means the mold or formation, the word plastic here doesn`t refer to synthetic or plastic polymers.
modern plastic surgery has been developed and expanded in various fields, such as restoration of physical defects and making appearance more beautiful.

surgical principles in plastic surgery are based on vessel preservation,similar tissue replacement,focusing attention on abdominal areas and wound healing with minimal tissue damage.

there are some of most commonly used plastic surgeries; abdominoplasty ,blepharoplasty, lobiaplasty , phalloplasty , rhinoplasty,autoplasty , mammaplasty, chinese restoration, liposuction and ...

Services of Tabibtrip in beauty field ;
_use of medical equipment with the latest technology in the world for every part of the body

_post operative care accurately