Since its establishment in 1999 by World renowned surgeon Dr. Bülent Cihantimur, Estetik International has continuously grown to become one of the top quality aesthetics & plastic surgery base in the region, Estetik Internationals’ latest investment is the 3000 m2 state-of-the-art smart clinic situated at the famous Quasar Tower in the heart of European Istanbul.

Mission & Vision

Estetik Internationals mission is to set new standards in innovative and continuously improving institutions and offer reliable, patient orientated care and service, continuous education for both medical and administrative staff, to respect patient rights at the utmost level.Estetik Internationals reputation for clinical excellence and a continuous program of investment in technology and facilities puts it at the forefront of the region's industry.

Clinic Facilities

Estetik International has 6 clinics located in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, and Bursa. The latest investment is the new flagship clinic at Quasar Tower, Istanbul which consists of 3 operation theatres, 2 dental rooms, 5 hair restoration units, 10 inpatient rooms and 6 general application rooms on a 3000m2 area divided into 3 floors.
Estetik International cares for their patients in a spacious, high-tech smart clinic opening out to a green scenery in the heart of the city.


*At Estetik International, we have the breadth of care, services, expertise and facilities to ensure our patients' satisfaction in aesthetic surgery and on every step of the way.
*By defining service quality, patient care, and safety as the clinics top priority, patients benefit from a process of continuous improvement in quality and patient experience at Estetik International.
*Estetik International is currently preparing to offer Dentistry and Stem-cell treatments at the Quasar clinic
*Estetik International has gained a global reputation for its unique treatments and techniques developed by our founder, Op. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur.

Our Techniques

Spider Web Technique / Genital Beautification / Organic Hair Transplant / Cihantimur Fat Transfer System / Incision-less Otoplasty / Simple Rhinoplasty / Trigger Finger Treatment / Bow Legs Beautification

*We have a proud record of success in Body contouring, fat transfers, liposuction and surgical applications such as;
Brazilian Butt Lift / Body Reshaping / Liposuction/Liposculpture / Mommy Makeover / Genital Beautification / Breast Augmentation / non-surgical Spider-Web facelift.

International Services

Once patients, their families and loved ones from abroad arrive at our clinic, our International Services Team of trained and experienced professionals will ensure that our guests are made to feel at home, with support and guidance throughout the process of diagnosis and treatment from admission to discharge and follow-up with the patient’s doctors in their home countries, all in the patient’s own language and in a culturally sensitive manner.The international services team Works around the clock to ensure patient satisfaction and comfort throughout their trip, assisting with everything outside the operation theatre;

*Airport pick-ups/transfers / *Accommodation arrangements / *simultaneous interpretation services / *Clinic guidance and all clinic processes / *leisure and tourism arrangements / *Follow-up care.